• The Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities
    Davenport Community Schools
    306 W. River Drive, 2nd Floor
    Davenport Iowa 52801
    (563) 723-5350

  • Communication & Media Arts Audition Information

    Each candidate will present and discuss their portfolio, create and present a 2 minute story based on 5 images randomly selected from a set of 30, and participate in an interview.

    Students studying communications and media arts at the CAA will explore a wide variety of creative areas including: film, video, photography, software, video games, television, radio, writing, animation, digital publishing, and graphic design. We are looking for students who will:

    • Be a storyteller – have vision, creativity, and imagination
    • Be able to engage and understand technology use and its practical applications
    • Listen to and accept constructive criticism

    What to bring to your audition

    • Bring your e-portfolio, containing a sample of something we can see (poem, photography), something we can hear (speech, radio spot) and something we can see and hear (video, PowerPoint).
    • Be prepared to create a 2-minute story based on 5 random images selected from 30.

    What to include in your portfolio

    • Include something we can see (photo, design, poem, very short story)
    • Include something we can hear (speech, spoken word, sound recording)
    • Include something we can see and hear (video, PowerPoint)
    • Be prepared to talk about the following regarding your portfolio:
      • Which piece is your best? Why?
      • In which media/form is your work strongest? Why?
      • Which is your favorite? Why?
      • Is there a media or form you would like to try but haven’t yet?
      • Why did you create each piece? Were any of them assignments?
      • What kind of subjects do you like to explore on your own?