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    Graffiti for Good

    A piece of artwork created by the CAA 8th Grade Class was awarded first place honors during the 3rd annual Student Art Contest known as Graffiti for Good. Graffiti for Good is part of an anti-bullying initiative presented by QC United. The artwork was displayed at the 4th Annual “Pete’s Awesome CommUNITY Party” on Sunday, October 22nd. Read more

    Students Create Art to Exchange with Students in India


    JIVA Project

    Joint Initiative for Village Advancement


    Creative Arts Academy students involved in the JIVA program will exchange art and ideas with girls at the Education Resource Center in the villages of Morra, Madara and Sakrawas-Rajasthan, India. Students are creating Art and a brief description to exchange with another person who is near their age.
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    PTA Welcomes New President


    The CAA PTA welcomes Mhisho Vuong as the PTA president for the 2017 – 2018 school year. 

    Hello, my name is Mhisho Vuong and I have been selected as this year’s PTA President of the Creative Arts Academy. I am both honored and excited to be working closely with the parents and students of this ever growing school!
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    The Impact of the Arts


    • Schools and employers rank a degree in the arts among the most significant indicator of a job candidate’s creativity and innovation skills. 
    • Creativity is one of the top three personality traits most important to career success, according to U.S. employers.
    • 85% of people said creative thinking is critical for problem solving in their career.
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    Central Unveils New Performing Arts Center

    This year marks the inaugural year of Central High School’s Performing Arts Center. The 62,000 square-foot arts center seats nearly 900 guests and features specialty design elements and stage equipment systems seen in professional theaters across the country.
    View from the booth
    The new Central High School Performing Arts Center
    The CAA will hold its Bucktown Revue Fundraiser at the center on October 27th.
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    CAA 7th Grade Integrated Arts students kicked off their first term theme of “Connections” with a magnificent cup structure building challenge. 
    Students were challenged to create structures and then connect them using non-verbal communication. Students then reflected on the challenges that they encountered and how those challenges relate to their everyday lives. 
    BIG QUESTION: How do we communicate non-verbally?
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    Arconic Awards CAA $25,000 for 21st Century Learning

    The Creative Arts Academy kicks off its school year with great news from Arconic and the Arconic Foundation. On Wednesday, Arconic announced it will continue to support the Academy’s 21st Century Skills Learning program. 

    CAA served as the pilot or trial site utilizing a specific version of the model with a focus on the role of the arts in developing 21st Century Skills of communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Read more

    2017 – 2018 School Year Schedule


    Regular Schedule


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    The Arts Are Everywhere

     Art Talks 
    On Thursday, July 27, a group of community leaders joined us at the new Central High School Performing Arts Center for a special presentation by Davenport Schools Superintendent Dr. Arthur Tate. Dr. Tate spoke about what makes Davenport Community Schools special and unique.
    Dr. Tate’s presentation included the many achievements by students of the District. Read more

    The CAA Enters High School

    This year, the CAA’s first class of students will start their high school education at Central High School, the high school partner to the Creative Arts Academy.  
    CAA 9th graders will be taking their core courses while at Central High School and have the opportunity to participate in CHS extracurriculars. Read more