• The Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities
    Davenport Community Schools
    306 W. River Drive, 2nd Floor
    Davenport Iowa 52801
    (563) 723-5350

  • Academics

    For Creative Arts Academy students, even the traditional subjects of mathematics, science, language arts and social studies will be delivered in an integrated arts approach. Intermediate level students will attend Sudlow Intermediate School in the afternoon for core curriculum offerings, receiving an interdisciplinary, arts-integrated approach to subject matter that will be highly engaging and motivating. The traditional Language Arts and Social Studies will be blended into a “Heritage Arts” class. The traditional Math and Science curriculum will be offered as a S.T.E.A.M. class, integrating the Arts in to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our arts integration philosophy at the Creative Arts Academy aligns closely with that of the Kennedy Center: http://www.kennedy-center.org/education/ceta/examples.html

    As students progress to the next grade level, another cohort of students will attend the CAA, ultimately realizing a grades 6-12 sequence of coursework delivered through arts integration. Until that time, Dream students will continue to receive high-quality instruction at their home high school with the option only for electives at the Creative Arts Academy.

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