• Buchanan Elementary School
    Principal:  Rachel Ivory
    SAM: Mary Thissen
    4515 N. Fairmount Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52806
    Phone: (563) 723-6250

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    Buchanan WINS trophy from DPL Summer Reading Program

    Lexie Reiling, Youth Services Supervisor for the Davenport Public Library, came to Buchanan today with a very special surprise.  Buchanan students won a Summer Reading Program trophy this year! Of the schools with less than 400 students, Buchanan had the highest percentage of students join our Summer Reading Program.   Awesome job Buchanan students!

    Girls on the Run (GOTR)

    The 4th and 5th grade Girls on the Run at Buchanan Elementary , Coach Susie (Buchanan School Nurse), Coach Jen (Monroe School Nurse), and Terri Sierra ( Adams Elementary Para) joined the North Homecoming parade and supported the Wildcats!

    Family Flight Night

    Take flight with kites, gliders, helicopters, loop planes, and rockets while learning the principles of flight. Discover the importance of aerodynamic design and balance. Explore the forces involved in keeping things flying straight.

    Dinner will be served.

    The event will be hosted by the Bettendorf Family Museum on Friday September 29th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. here at Buchanan in the gymnasium.

    Click the link for more information.

    Family Flight Night

    Boys Town Skill of the Week September 18 – Getting the Teacher’s Attention

    Getting the Teacher’s Attention
    1. Look at the teacher.
    2. Raise your hand and stay calm.
    3. Wait until the teacher says your name.
    4.  Ask your question.

    Upcoming Events

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    September 21 McTeachers Night

    Classroom Happenings

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    Talent Development Process for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

    Talented and Gifted Education
    1606 Brady Street
    Davenport, IA 52803

      Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students,

    As part of a talent development process, we are collecting data for our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students using Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI) Planned Experiences. These KOI lessons will be done during the first few weeks of school.

    The KOI experiences are not standardized tests; rather, they are high-level, open-ended activities designed to bring out and recognize gifted behaviors of students. They have been nationally field tested and have proven particularly responsive to all types of student populations in providing evidence of gifted potential. For more information:

    The data collected will be used to help recognize the students who are currently showing a need for enrichment beyond the regular curriculum. The students receive this enrichment in the Talent Development Group (TDG). Students included in the Talent Development Group may vary based upon the learning behaviors they demonstrate.

    Once the KOI planned experiences are complete, additional information will be sent to you regarding your child’s potential involvement with the Talent Development Group. If you need more information at any time, please contact your building TAG facilitator.


    Bonnie Asay-Roark

    Special Thank You

    Thanks to former Buchanan student Alexandria McPherson and her grandmother Dawn Covey, our school grounds look beautiful! They spent two weeks this summer cleaning and planting flowers in our flower beds and courtyards around the school. They also painted ladybugs on rocks to place in the courtyards. Thank you Alexandria and Dawn!

    Review Student Handbook and School Dress Code

    Check out our Student and Parent Resources Tab to review our Student Handbook and our School Dress Code.

    Car Lane Pick Up at Dismissal

    To ensure the safety of all students, thank you for following our procedures for car lane pick up at dismissal. Students will not be able to enter vehicles in the driveway at the front of the building. They should be exiting out the north doors and waiting for an adult to load them into their vehicle. If you wish to exit your vehicle, please pull around into a parking place.

    From Student Handbook:

    • Pull around to the north side of the building to begin forming 1 line of cars.
    • Please remain in your car and place student card on right side of dash.
    • Adults will load the first 4 cars. As those cars exit, the line will continue to move forward.
    • To be as efficient and safe as possible, students will be loaded on the passenger side.

    If you need a student name card for your vehicle, please contact Mrs. Stoldt in the office. Name cards allow for a more efficient dismissal. Thank you for your support.