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  • Blue Grass Elementary School
    Principal: Sara Gott
    226 W. Sycamore St.
    Blue Grass, Iowa 52726
    Phone: 563.723.6200
    Fax: 563.445.5964
  • Davenport Public Library Offers Tutor.com Free

    Davenport Public Library offers the Tutor.com subscription service free to all Davenport students who have a DPL library card.
    We are thrilled to offer Tutor.com as a part of the arsenal of resources that students can use to support their schooling. This company provides access to over 3,000 qualified tutors who will help students learn the material, not just provide the answer. The company’s mission is to help all learners realize their full potential through personalized, one-to-one instruction and guidance.
    The live tutoring service is available from 1:00 – 9:00 p.m. daily.
    The SkillsCenter Resource Library is available 24/7. Students can watch videos on specific subjects. Just select your Topic, Subject, and Subtopic. For example, Math / Middle Grades / Fractions.
    Students can also submit papers for review before turning them in to their teacher for grades. Response time is guaranteed to be within 12 hours.