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Davenport, IA

Administrative Regulation 902.03B


School Board Secretary-Treasurer

Performance Responsibilities of the Treasurer are:

Legal Oversight Responsibilities:

1.         Furnish the Board, at the time of settlement, with a sworn statement from each depository showing the balance then on deposit in the depository

2.         Review the register of all orders drawn and reported by the secretary, showing the number, date, to whom drawn, the fund upon which drawn, the purpose, and the amount

3.         Review and attest that a separate account for each fund be kept and that all orders state the fund upon which it is drawn and the specific use to which it is to be applied

4.         Render a statement of the finances of the corporation whenever required by the Board; the Treasurer’s books shall always be open for inspection

5.         Review financial statements to be presented to the Board monthly

6.         Present books for settlement with the Board at a meeting prior to September 30

7.         Monitor that school funds are deposited only in banks designated as the official depositories by the Board

8.         Review the record of each interest bearing obligation, showing the number, amount, date commenced, rate, and holder’s name and address

9.         Review the record to whom interest bearing school bonds are sold when such bonds are subject to redemption prior to the regular maturity date

10.         Monitor that all funds are in a vault, safe, or depository

11.         Review all investments to insure idle funds are invested; insure their security


Job performance shall be evaluated annually by the Board.


  • Edited 4/13/04