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Administrative Regulation 902.03A


School Board Secretary-Treasurer

Position Classification  * Board Exempt Secretarial

The Board Secretary-Treasurer should report on a daily basis to the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee concerning routine office procedures. It shall be the responsibility of the Board to evaluate the Board Secretary-Treasurer annually.

Purpose Statement

The job of Board Secretary-Treasurer is done for the purposes of providing a wide variety of complex and confidential administrative assistant support to School Board members; communicating information on behalf of School Board members to district staff, other districts, public agencies, etc.; ensuring compliance of School Board activities with legal requirements; and acting as liaison between the School Board and other parties, providing information, addressing issues and/or providing general support.

The functions of the Board Secretary are to:

1.  Preserve and maintain the official school district records and documents pertaining to the business of the Board to comply with Iowa laws, current policy, and audit trail compliance.

2.  Attend board meetings and keep complete minutes of special and regular board meetings, including closed sessions.

3.  Compile data from a variety of sources for the purpose of complying with legal requirements.

4.  Keep a record of the results of regular and special elections, report the canvass of votes, and work with the county auditor’s office to prepare election materials.

5.    Coordinate and schedule a variety of activities for the purpose of ensuring availability of facilities and delivering services to conform with established guidelines.

6.    Prepare written and electronic materials (e.g. agendas, reports, memos, letters, board packets, board policy book, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing references, and/or conveying information.

7.    Research a variety of information for the purpose of providing information and/or addressing a variety of School Board requirements.

8.    Respond to inquiries from board members and a variety of internal and external parties (e.g. staff, parents, students, public agencies, etc.) for the purpose of providing information, facilitating communication among parties and/or providing direction.

9.    Perform other duties as assigned by the Board President for the purpose of supporting the overall School Board services to the District.


Job performance shall be evaluated annually by the Board.


  • Edited 4/13/04