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Administrative Regulation 705.01A


Proposal of Bond Issues

Prior to submitting a bond proposal to the electorate, the following requirements and/or practices shall be observed.

1. A petition signed by a number of eligible voters equal to twenty-five percent of those voting at the last election of school officials shall be filed with the President of the Board of Directors, asking that an election be called.

a. The petition shall include the amount and purpose of the bonds to be issued and must state that the project cannot be completed within the limits of one and one-quarter percent of the assessed valuation.

2. The President of the Board of Directors on receipt of a petition as specified shall within ten days of the receipt of the petition call a meeting of the board which shall be held within 30 days after petition received. At the meeting the board shall call the election , fixing the time of the election, which may be at the time and place of holding the regular school election.

Notice must be given to the County Commissioner of Elections by publication in accordance with section 49.53. The County Commission of Elections shall conduct the election pursuant to the provisions of chapters 39 and 53 and certify the results to the board of directors.

3. At least sixty percent of voters, voting for and against the bonds, must vote in favor in order to gain approval (Section 75.1, Code of Iowa 1981).


  • Updated 4/91
  • Reviewed 7/03
  • Revised 7/2015