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Administrative Regulation 702.02A


Procedures with Architects/Engineers During Construction

Recommendations for architects or engineers for major building projects and plans and specifications for major building projects shall be presented to the Board for their consideration and official approval.  Improvement projects must be advertised one time, 10 days before a scheduled public hearing to allow for public input before approval of plans and specifications.

Upon approval by the board, construction projects are advertised for bid two consecutive weeks with at least two additional weeks for contractors to prepare bid documents prior to the bid opening date.

In addition to advertisement, bids are solicited from known contractors considered competent for the specific project offered.

Bids received after the specified date and time are not opened. They are immediately returned to the bidder.

In order to be considered, each bid must be accompanied by a certified check or bond in the amount of 5% of the bid.

Bids are publicly opened and read aloud at the time and place specified in the invitation to bid.

Bids are reviewed by the architect and/or Support Services, who will submit recommendations for the award of contracts. The administration will submit its recommendation to the Board, taking into its consideration the recommendation of the architect.

At a regular or special meeting of the Board, the Board will consider the recommendations and will award the contract to the lowest responsible, responsive bidder.


  • Reviewed 5/96, 7/03, Revised 5/11
  • Edited 4/91, 7/03, 5/11
  • Reviewed 9/2014