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Administrative Regulation 604.07D


Procedures for Selection

  1. Media Center Materials Selection of materials for media centers shall be made by the professional media personnel through reading, viewing, listening, careful examination, and by use of reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection aids. The media personnel shall select materials with the cooperation of principals, coordinators, teachers, and students. In specific areas the media personnel will follow these procedures: 
  2. Gift materials are judged by basic selection standards and are accepted or rejected by these standards.
  3. Multiple items of outstanding and much in demand materials are purchased as needed.
  4. An annual systematic review shall be made of the collections to weed out obsolete material. The collections shall be continuously reevaluated in relation to changing curriculum content, new instructional methods, and current needs of teachers and students. Appropriate materials shall be obtained for these new developments. This process of reevaluation also shall lead to the replacement of outmoded materials with those that are up-to-date, the discarding of materials no longer useful, and the replacement of materials in poor repair.


  • Textbook and Supplementary Materials

Basic text material for classroom use will be chosen after thorough investigation by committees of certified professional personnel, parents, and students. The involvement of the media staff is also recommended in order to provide expertise in three areas: (a) provision of professional reviews of the materials being considered; (b) avoidance of duplication of purchase, in cases where materials may already be available in the school media center; and (c) to insure that additional materials that will support the curriculum are available in the media center.

In addition, all materials, whether purchased, borrowed, or rented shall be previewed prior to use in the classroom and shall adhere to the copyright law.


  • Edited 2/12/07
  • Reviewed 7/2015