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Administrative Regulation 604.07C


Potentially Controversial Content

Materials including subjects that may be subject to criticism shall be selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Religion: Factual, unbiased material that represents all major religions shall be included in the media collections.
  2. Racism: Factual materials should present a diversity of race, custom, culture, and belief as a positive aspect of our nation’s heritage and give candid treatment to unresolved inter-cultural problems in the United States, including those which involve prejudice, discrimination, and the undesirable consequences of withholding rights, freedom, or respect from any individual.
  3. Sexism: Factual materials should reflect a sensitivity to the needs and rights of men and women without preference or bias. All materials should respect the claim of each person to all traits we regard as human, and not assign them arbitrarily according to preconceived notions of sex roles.
  4. Political Ideologies: Factual material on an appropriate reading level should be available on any ideology or philosophy of government which exerts an influence, either favorably or unfavorably, on government, current events, education, or any other phase of life.
  5. Sex and Profanity: Inclusion of profanity and sex should not automatically disqualify materials. There should be a searching evaluation of the merits of each work — literary quality, truth to life, and relevance to the curriculum. Consideration shall be given to the reading public.

In all cases, the decisions shall be made on the basis of whether the material presents life in its true proportions, whether circumstances are realistically dealt with, and whether the material has literary or social value.

When selecting textbooks and supplementary materials, consideration shall also be given to readability and difficulty levels, appropriateness of content, skills or prior learning required of students, skills or inservice required of teachers, objectionable language or concepts, provisions for ascertaining mastery of content by students, and aesthetic quality of materials. Cost analysis of the basic materials as well as additional materials and equipment needed to implement the program shall be made.


  • Edited 2/12/07
  • Reviewed 7/2015