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Administrative Regulation 603.02A


Field Trip Policy & Procedures

All curricular and extra curricular student trips are considered Field Trips.


1. All field trips must be educational in nature and/or related to school activities.

2. Costs of the field trips are the responsibility of the school building(s) sponsoring such.

3. During the regularly scheduled school days, senior high field trips are limited to the continental United States.

4. Field trips conducted during a holiday period may commence following the close of school before the holiday and must be ended prior to the resumption of school. Trips requiring a more lengthy period of time must be scheduled during the summer.

5. No student is to be pressured into purchasing a ticket for any field trip.

6. School personnel pursuing unapproved field trips do so as private citizens and are not to identify themselves in any way with the Davenport Community School District or use school time and/or facilities to promote the trips.

Rules Governing Field Trips:

1. The rules and regulations in the regular classroom apply to all students on the field trip.

2. There must be one teacher or adult for each 25 to 35 students on all approved field trips and an approved adult on each vehicle.

3. No student, chaperone or sponsor shall use or be in possession of any drugs, alcoholic or malt beverages on the field trip. Medications specifically prescribed for a participant by a physician are an exception.

4. There will be no smoking on the bus at any time. All students are prohibited from possession or smoking tobacco products on field trips. Chaperones and sponsors will refrain from smoking in the presence of the students.

5. Sponsors must inform the participants and chaperones of all safety regulations.

6. Sponsors must maintain accurate pupil accounting and maintain discipline and control at all times.

7. Sponsors will notify the principal, immediately, in the event of an accident or other emergency, change in original plans, or missing students.

8. A complete itinerary for overnight field trips must include the following and be discussed in detail with all participants:

a. All time schedules
b. Daily itineraries
c. Room assignments
d. Guidelines for attendance to activities
e. Off-limits boundaries
f. Curfews
g. Behavioral guidelines

9. Male and female sponsors must accompany students when male and female students are involved in overnight trips. Separate room assignments must be provided for boys and girls.

10. The use of student drivers on field trips is prohibited.


1. All requests for student travel will be made on the Field Trip Application Form. No contacts, arrangements, or discussion with students will be made prior to approval by the building principal.

2. Parents must be informed in writing of all aspects of the trip, and Student Release Forms for all participants must be secured and placed on file in the Principal’s office prior to departure.

3. Arrangements must be made for transportation:

a. Commercial carriers and district school buses are the desired means of transportation.

b Field trips outside the Quad-City area which utilize commercial contract carrier must have written contracts executed.

c. Requests for district transportation for local trips will be accepted up to 60 days in advance of the trip.

d. Requests for district transportation for trips extending beyond the Quad-City area must be made at least 30 days in advance of the trip, if need is known in advance.



1. All school district employees are covered by Workman’s Compensation and the district’s liability policy when supervising an approved Davenport Community School District field trip. Employees are not covered when supervising unapproved trips.

2. Sponsors who are not employees of the Davenport Community School District are not covered by Davenport Community School District insurance unless the injury occurs on a Davenport Community School District vehicle. This information should be made available to all teachers and chaperones by building principals approving the field trip.

3. If any principal or sponsor has questions concerning insurance of carriers, etc., contact the Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services .

4. The Davenport Community School District provides insurance coverage for students on field trips while riding on a school bus. Davenport Community School District does not provide insurance coverage for students while traveling by any other means of transportation than a school bus or when traveling outside the continental Untied States.


  • Reviewed 8/96, 11/97, 7/99
  • Updated 4/91,3/94, 5/97