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Administrative Regulation 602.11A


Relay of Pertinent Information to Appropriate Individuals Concerning IEP Accommodations and/or Modifications

Teachers and service providers not present at an IEP meeting are notified of their responsibilities in regard to the IEP after the meeting but prior to the implementation of the IEP. Teachers and service providers in attendance at the IEP meeting have been notified of their IEP responsibilities simply by their presence. If somebody must leave before all services, activities, and supports have been identified, that person should also be notified of their responsibilities. There are many formal and informal ways of providing such notice. Below is a list of options you can use. Always indicate the date the information was provided.

  • Email (example: J. Peters has the following accommodations listed in her IEP – check for understanding of directions and assignments/tests read other than reading tests/extended testing time/teacher prepared notes for content classes/pre-teaching of vocabulary in the content areas).
  • Provide the teacher/service provider with a copy of the service page from the IEP and/or when appropriate, the goal page.
  • Note.
  • Do not rely on verbal communication.

We will initiate the implementation of this policy the first day of school, for the 2002-2003 school year.


  • Printed 7/22/02
  • Response to Phase 5: Action 5.2 of the Iowa Department of Education “5 Phases of the IEP Process” manual