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Administrative Regulation 503.06H


Special Education:  Destruction of Personally Identifiable Information

When personally identifiable information, other than permanent student records, no longer needs to be maintained by the District to provide educational services to a special education student, the parents or eligible student shall be notified. This notice is normally given after a student graduates or otherwise leaves the District. If the parents or eligible student requests the personally identifiable information be destroyed, the District will destroy the records. Prior to the destruction of the records, the District shall inform the parents or eligible student these records may be needed by the parents or eligible student for social security benefits or other purposes. In the absence of parents or an eligible student’s request to destroy the records, the District must maintain the records for at least four years after an individual is determined to be no longer eligible for special education.


  • Cross Reference: Board Policy 501.08 Students—Legal Status; 503.06 Cumulative Folder
  • Legal Reference: 20 U.S. C. § 1232g, 1415 (1988); 34 C.F.R. Pt. 99, 300.560–.574 (1993); Iowa Code §§ 22; 622.10 (1995); Iowa Code § 256B; 1980 Op. Att’y Gen. 720, 825; IAC 281.12.3(4)
  • By action of the Board: 11/8/76; Revised 6/13/83; 11/12/90; 7/12/93; 2/7/94; Revised 3/12/01
  • Edited 3/01
  • Adopted 8/94
  • Reviewed 5/96
  • Revised 7/99, Revised 02/07