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Administrative Regulation 503.06A


Definitions – Cumulative Folders

For the purposes of this policy, the District shall use the following definitions of terms.

  • Student – Any person who attends or has attended a school in the District.
  • Eligible student – A student or former student who has reached age 18 or is attending a post-secondary school full time or with the equivalent of 12 semester hours. A student who has not graduated from high school shall be presumed as a dependent of his or her parents until such time as satisfactory evidence to the contrary is presented to school officials.
  • ParentEither natural or adoptive parent of a student, a guardian, or an individual acting as a parent or guardian in the absence of the student’s parent adoptive parent, or guardian
  • Education Records – Any record (in handwriting, print, tape, film, data files, or other medium) maintained by the District or an agent of the District which is directly related to a student except:
  1. A personal record kept by a school staff member if it is kept in the sole possession of the maker of the record.  Data of this category shall consist of those data maintained in confidential personal notes of professionals in the school.  (example:   principals, psychologists, school counselors, teachers, school nurses)  These data shall be maintained only so long as they are useful to the professionals in contact with the student.  These data are not subject to required release to parents or their legal representatives except in compliance with judicial order, or orders of administrative agencies where those agencies have the power of subpoena.  (This data is not in the cumulative folder).
  2. An employment record which is used only in relation to a student’s employment by the District.
  3. Alumni records that contain information about a student after the student is no longer in attendance in the District and which do not relate to the person as a student.
  4. Standardized test questions and performance assessment tasks that are not directly related to students.


  • Cross Reference: Board Policy 501.08 Students—Legal Status; 503.06 Cumulative Folder
  • Legal Reference: 20 U.S. C. § 1232g, 1415 (1988); 34 C.F.R. Pt. 99, 300.560–.574 (1993); Iowa Code §§ 22; 622.10 (1995); Iowa Code § 256B; 1980 Op. Att’y Gen. 720, 825; IAC 281.12.3(4)
  • By action of the Board: 11/8/76; Revised 6/13/83; 11/12/90; 7/12/93; 2/7/94; Revised 3/12/01
  • Edited 3/01
  • Adopted 8/94
  • Reviewed 5/96
  • Revised 7/99, Revised 02/07