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Administrative Regulation 502.14A


Fire and Tornado Drills

Crisis Drills

A requirement of the Davenport Community School District is that at least one Crisis Drill be completed each year at your building. The district recognizes that schools are subject to a number of potentially disruptive events, including a major crisis. NO SCHOOL IS IMMUNE no matter the size or location. Being prepared for crises can enhance the district’s effectiveness in responding to incidents.

Each building is responsible for creating a tailored crisis management plan which will be the foundation for which the Davenport Community School District responds to the emergency. Each year, this plan should be updated to incorporate changes in staff, facilities, procedures, or hazards. (Please refer to the example of a crisis plan in your Security Manual.)

When you are ready to initiate a Crisis Drill, please contact the district’s Security Officer so that arrangements can be made to observe and/or offer assistance. Send the Security Office or the Deputy Superintendent’s Office an updated copy of your Crisis Management Plan each school year.

Fire and Tornado Drills

Four (4) Fire drills and four (4) tornado drills must be conducted each year in each building. The state law and board policy require that (2) tornado drills and (2) fire drills must be conducted within the period of January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31. The district is asking that you conduct a least one fire drill and one tornado drill prior to September 24.

Please consider the following when planning for drills:

  1. Drills MUST be recorded on form e-53 and e-mailed to the appropriate central administrative office (Deputy Superintendent)
  2. No more than one drill per day will be credited.
  3. Drills must be held during hours of heavy student population.
  4. All school personnel in a building at the time of a drill are required by law to take part in the drill. (This includes teachers, cooks, aides, and custodians.)
  5. Teachers should have class roll with them when drills are held for pupil accounting.
  6. Custodians should simulate gas and boiler shut down during fire and tornado drills.

These procedures are very important for the safety of our students and staff, and we appreciate your cooperation.


  • Updated 4/91, 8/99, 9/99, 7/03