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Administrative Regulation 502.04B


HIV Infection/Aids

LAW: Confidentiality is guaranteed! Students are not to be asked or confronted as to whether or not they have the HIV virus or AIDS.
STATEMENT: Because the infections are so devastating it is likely the district will not know and/or be informed of the disease. Because of this fact, it is of the utmost importance that each building follow the “Universal Precautions” procedures at all times. An instructional video entitled “Universal Precautions” is available in the district personnel office.

NOTIFICATION: In the case a school/building is notified that a student is infected with the HIV virus or has AIDS, the school district cannot divulge this information unless written permission is given by the student and parents if the student is a minor. Upon permission the building administration should in-service staff and stress “Universal Precautions”. The superintendent’s office should be notified and Board Policy # 502.04 should be put into practice.


  • Reviewed 12/92, 8/93, 7/99, 7/03, 5/10
  • Revised 11/97