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Administrative Regulation 501.10B



Pregnant students and their families are encouraged to contact the TAPP office and arrange for a tour of the facilities. Enrollment may take place at any time during the student’s pregnancy. A statement from a physician verifying pregnancy is part of registration.

The counselor will have close contact with the regular school so that courses and graduation requirements are carefully considered.

Students usually re-enter the regular school the semester following delivery. Re-entry is always done in the best interest of the student after consulting with the student, physician, parents or guardians and school authorities. The TAPP counselor will register all returning students to the regular high school.

Graduating seniors will receive their diplomas from the regular school. Students may attend any of the graduation activities. If they are pregnant at the time of graduation, a physicians statement may be required stating the student is physically able to participate in the exercises.


  • Updated 4/91, 7/99
  • Reviewed 5/96, 11/97