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Administrative Regulation 501.10A


Home Instruction Services

Unlike in the past, home instruction does not have specific staff assigned to carry out these services.    Staff are drawn from the Guest Teacher list.  (A willingness to explore other suitable options will be greatly appreciated.)

Home instruction service is offered to provide short-term instructional support for students with physical and/or emotional disabilities until they can attend classes in a regular school setting.  The goal is to assist the student in this endeavor.

Home instruction will provide the student the LEAST amount of instruction they could possibly get (1.5 hours twice a week). (On the block schedule the home instruction teacher could provide services for two courses maximum.)  Before offering this service to parents, be certain they are fully aware of its limitations. It is important to explore and discuss all other options with parents, student, counselors, and school administration before placing a student on home instruction.

Home Instruction for Pregnancy Recovery

Unless there is an underlying health issue, home instruction is not an option for a pregnancy recovery.  The Kimberly Center East Program has been designed to accommodate these students, merging the old TAPP and 2001 Programs in order to offer higher level courses.  If a student opts not to attend, the school will have to provide homework assignments during the three-week recovery period.

Submitting Home Instruction Requests

When submitting requests for home instruction services, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The parent/guardian makes a request for home instruction through the building principal or counselor….after all other options have been explored and exhausted….and a determination has been made that home instruction should be set up…
  2. The building principal or counselor requests that the parent/guardian provide written confirmation from the student’s doctor indicating the condition preventing the student from attending regular school and the duration of the condition.  (The duration of the absence from school must exceed three weeks)  This confirmation must be submitted on either the doctor’s stationary or prescription pad.  It must be signed and dated and specific about the starting and ending dates the service is requested.
  3. The building principal or counselor is to complete the “Home Instruction Information Sheet”… (Form e-6000)
  4. The building principal or counselor will then forward the doctor’s confirmation and “Home Instruction Information Sheet” to the appropriate central administrative office. (Please use e-mail to send the “Home Instruction Information Sheet (Form e-6000)”…please use school mail to send the doctor’s note.  Be sure to address your envelope to the appropriate  central administrative staff person  and mark “Confidential” on the outside.
  5. Once the documents (#4) have been received by the appropriate central administrative office, they will send out a confirmation letter to parents indicating that home instruction services have been approved.
  6. The appropriate central administrative office will secure a home instruction teacher and notify building principal and counselor to expect contact from that individual regarding assignments.
  7. The home instruction teacher will work with the building in determining the building contact person for the student.  Since the building teacher(s) continues to be responsible for managing the educational program of the student, the home instruction teacher will work with them in determining how the student will be evaluated (grades).
  8. The home instruction teacher will work out a time and place for services suitable to their schedule and the student’s schedule and also secure an appropriate location for delivering services.
  9. The home instruction teacher will track student’s attendance for home instruction services and the assignments covered.
  10. Once the home instruction service has been completed, the home instruction teacher will fill out an exit form for the student’s cumulative folder with a duplicate copy for the appropriate central administrative office coordinating the home instruction program.
  11. The building does not drop this student from its SIS program

Note: the Central Office Administration will assign those students who will be receiving home instruction services because of behavior issues only.


  • Revised 7/24/03