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Davenport, IA

Administrative Regulation 403.02A


Co-op Students

Each year the Davenport Community School District provides Co-op Education positions:

1 – Special Education (Administrative Service Center)

1 – Purchasing Department (Administrative Service Center)

3 – West High School

3 – Central High School

3 – North High School

Each Co-op student will be assigned to work a maximum of 4 hours each day school is in session or a total of 716 hours during the year. Work schedules may be modified by the supervisor; however, the total number of hours worked during the year will not exceed 720 hours.

The hourly rate of pay will coincide with the minimum wage established by the Federal Government, in effect at the beginning of the school year. No adjustments in the rate of pay will be made during the course of any one school year.

Adjustments of daily and/or weekly work schedules must be made to accommodate for extra hours students worked prior to school starting.

Students assigned to work in the Davenport Community School District Co-op Education positions must report to the Human Resources Department and complete all required forms prior to commencing work. Only students enrolled in the Related Occupations courses for credit will be permitted to work in these positions.


  • Updated 4/91, 8/97
  • Reviewed 8/99