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Administrative Regulation 402.06E


Employee Duty Requirements When School is Cancelled for a “Snow Day”

In all cases, public announcements relating to Davenport Community School closings will be made by authorized central office staff members. Announcements will be broadcast over the following radio and TV stations:

Radio and TV WOC 1420 Channel 6

Radio KSTT 1170

Radio and TV WHBF 1270 Channel 4

Radio WQUA 1230

TV WQAD Channel 8

A. Emergencies affecting one or more individual schools, but not district-wide:

1. The principal will assume primary responsibility for emergency decisions.

2. Details will be reported as soon as possible to the Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services.

3. If the emergency occurs during the school day, students will not be sent home without first consulting the Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services office and necessary notification of parents, or other responsible adults.

4. If the emergency occurs prior to the beginning of the school day, the Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services will be consulted and every effort will be made to notify parents of the decision to close the school.

5. All building employees, except aides, food service workers, accompanists, and co-op employees, will be expected to report for duty at the regular hours. The principal may assign such duties as may be needed, or employees may be directed to provide service at some other location in the district.

B. District-wide School closings:

1. All emergency decisions will be made at the central office.

2. Public announcement of emergency decisions will be made as soon as possible. If during the school day, individual schools will also be contacted directly regarding emergency decisions.

3. All administrators, secretarial, custodial and maintenance employees will report to their respective buildings for regular day hours, unless notified otherwise.

a. Night-shift employees may report for day-shift at the option of the supervisor in charge of the location.

b. Employees who find it impossible to report for duty on schedule will be expected to report as soon as possible. Employees may be granted emergency leave for that portion of the day they were unable to get to work. Approval will be determined on the basis of individual circumstances.

4. Instructional staff members, aides, food service employees and bus drivers will not report for work.

C. Athletic Events

When the Davenport Schools are closed, due to inclement weather, the following guidelines will be in effect:

Home Contests

1. If opponents are unable to travel, attempts to reschedule will be made.

2. If opponents are able to travel, the involved principal and the athletic director will determine feasibility of playing the contest.

Away Contests

1. If the Transportation Department is not operating vehicles, contests out of the Quad-Cities will be rescheduled, if possible. For those within the Quad-Cities, the involved principal and the Director of Co-Curricular Programs and Safety will determine the feasibility of playing the contest, using other means of transportation.

2. If transportation is operating, the contest will be played.


  • Updated 10/82, 4/91, 11/97, 7/99
  • Reviewed 7/96, 8/97