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Davenport, IA

Administrative Regulation 402.05B


Teacher Recruitment and Selection Procedures

1. Review of teacher applicant folders. The Human Resources Department makes available a list of all candidates as well as a separate list of minority and disabled applicants in accordance with our affirmative action plan.

2. A team selected by the building principal compiles a list of appropriate questions to ask all candidates during an oral interview.

3. Demonstration lessons are observed and evaluated using the Teacher Evaluation Checklist for a Demonstration Lesson.

4. Team collaboratively decides on the best candidate for the position.

5. An administrative member of the team calls at least three references, including the previous employer.

6. A Recommendation for Employment Form is completed and sent to the Director of Human Resources.

7. The applicant folder is reviewed to insure all necessary documents are included.

8. The folder and recommendation are given to the appropriate Director for a second interview with the possibility of a further decision.

9. The Director of Human Resources forwards the recommendation to the Superintendent for review and further decision.

10. Following approval, the Director of Human Resources calls the recommended candidate with a job offer conditioned on a satisfactory criminal records check, a satisfactory medical examination, and School Board approval.