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Administrative Regulation 401.43A


Verification of Criminal Conviction Records

1) Purpose: It is the intent of the District to verify application materials involving criminal conviction records, if any, of successful applicants prior to their beginning employment.

Facts: 1) The DCSD has employed the services of Per Mar to conduct criminal record checks on our perspective employees. They conduct a check for each address the applicant has resided at in the last five years. The cost to the DCSD is $20 for a State of Iowa check. Other state checks are local jurisdiction rather than state wide and cost vary by jurisdiction.

Process: 1) All offers of employment will be conditioned on the District receiving a written criminal conviction “records conviction “records check” from each law enforcement agency where the selected applicant has resided in the last five years. The “records check” will be used to verify the applicable information found on the application form.

2) Applications provisionally selected for hire will be given a form to sign which states that obtaining a written criminal conviction “records check’ is a condition of employement and gives the District permission to obtain the “check.”

3) The District will fax the signed form to Per Mar for completion of the “records check.”

4) Per Mar contacts the District within 48 hours to give an oral “records check.” Written “records checks” are returned to us in 7-10 days.

5) The District will use the criminal conviction “records check” to verify the applicable information found on the application form.

6) Employment begins.


  • Updated 4/91, 9/97
  • Reviewed 8/97