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Administrative Regulation 401.36A


Safety Policy

A district wide Employee Safety Committee shall review practices on an annual basis. In consort with the District’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier, targeted employee groups will be studied on a rotating schedule. Plans will be formed by the targeted employee group to reduce accidents, injuries and work loss.

A district wide Security Committee, representing both school and community members, shall meet on a regular basis to monitor and address district security.

A district wide Climate Committee, including representatives from each school building and community officials, will meet regularly to communicate and solve issues.

Each building is to have an active security committee, either a separate committee or a part of a general building committee, to constantly monitor and address safety and security issues. Such issues include:

– safe employee practices
– safe building areas
– proper storage and handling of chemicals and flammable materials
– emergency response plans
– tornado and fire procedures
– blood borne pathogens procedures
– secure storage of movable equipment
– design and maintenance of security equipment
– physical and emotional safety of students and staff
– prevention an control of violence, theft and vandalism
– security audits

Each school building shall comply with the following:

1. Most exterior doors shall be locked during school hours. Certain doors (preferably one) shall be designated as entries, with such designation posted on all doors. Visitors shall be notified to check in at the office.

2. A system of identification badges and passes shall be in place. Any employees visiting other school buildings shall wear a picture I.D. badge.

3. Each building shall have a security audit on file with an updating schedule in force.

4. Each building shall periodically instruct staff and students on harassment.

5. Each employee shall be trained in mandatory child abuse reporting every five years.

6. Each building shall conduct two fire and two emergency drills each semester.

7. Each building shall review discipline procedures with students each year.

8. Each building shall follow an incident reporting and tracking procedure.

9.  Each building shall have an emergency response plan in force.10.  Visitor sign-in/badges

  • Reviewed 10/96; 12/2012
  • Updated 8/99