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Administrative Regulation 401.04A

Administrative Regulation 401.04A


Classified Employment Procedures

  1. Resignation/termination of Personnel
    A. When an employee resigns a position or is terminated (involuntary terminations must be authorized by the Superintendent of Schools or designee), the supervisor will notify the Human Resources Services Office immediately by submitting the following written notification.
    1. “Personnel Termination/Resignation form”
    (a) The employee is to complete “Section I”.
    (b) The Principal/Supervisor is to complete “Section II”.
    (c) All copies are to be submitted to the Human Resource Department for completion.

    2. Vacancy notice: A “Vacancy Notice” form describing the duties and responsibilities of the vacant position is to be completed and sent to the Human Resources Office. The vacancy notice will be duplicated and distributed to all buildings for posting times as described in the Master Contract of the bargaining unit involved in the vacancy.

    B. Employee Voluntary Transfer

(1) The principal/supervisor of both buildings will be notified by the Human Resources Office of the transfer. The receiving school will submit a                      “Recommendation for Employment Report” to the Human Resources Office with information for the individual transferring to his/her building.

(2) A vacancy notice is to be completed by the Principal/Supervisor of the employees former building and forwarded to the Personnel Office for posting. Transfer dates will be determined according to the Master Contract.

  1. Employment of Personnel
    A. Applications: All candidates for potential positions in the Davenport Community School District must have a fully submitted electronic application completed in Applitracks by the deadline posted on the vacancy notice prior to being interviewed.

(1) After interviewing is completed, following the Board adopted Affirmative Action goals, a “Recommendation of Employment Report Form” (see attached) is to be completed with the name of the recommended candidate (listing the applicant(s) that was/were interviewed, address, sex, and ethnic and forwarded to the Human Resources Office.

(2) The Director of Human Resources Services and a Director or designee will review the recommendation. When final approval has been made, the candidate will be contacted by the Human Resources Office and officially offered the position.

(3) All new full-time and part-time employees will be required to complete paper work and benefit forms prior to the first day on the job. A driver’s license and social security card (or other acceptable documents identified on the I-9 form) must be presented within three business days of the date of hiring. All substitutes will be required to complete a W-4, Data Sheet, acquire a State Criminal Record check and complete an Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form prior to being employed.

(4) All new employees are required to have a physical examination prior to commencing employment.

(5) All physicals must be turned in to the Human Resources Office prior to the employee commencing work.

B. It will be the responsibility of the Human Resources Office to advise the school/department when the new employee has completed all necessary paper work.
  C. The Human Resources Office will maintain a personnel folder on all district employees.

Motor Vehicle Operators
I. Persons will not be hired to operate school-owned vehicles if his/her driving records includes convictions for any of the following violations:

  1. Manslaughter resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle.
  2. OMVUI (alcohol or drugs).
  3. Driving a motor vehicle while operator’s or chauffeur’s license is suspended or revoked.
  4. Perjury or the making of a false affidavit or statement under oath to the Department of Public Safety.
  5. An offense punishable as a felony under the motor vehicle laws of Iowa or any felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle is used.
  6. Leaving the scene of personal injury or property damage accidents.
  7. Reckless driving.

8. Any moving violation convictions and/or accident involvements within the preceding three 3) years.


II.  Conditions of employment for persons required to operate a school vehicle as part of their job are as follows:

  1. Persons with a clear driving record for three (3) years or more years will be on 45 days probation.
  2. Person selected for employment must attend and successfully complete a driver training program prior to driving a school vehicle.
  3. While an individual is on probation, any conviction of a moving violation or involvement in a preventable accident or incident while operating a school vehicle will result in termination or extended probation.

III.Terms of employment after probation has been serves are as follows:
A. If, while operating a school vehicle, and if during a twelve (12) month period of time, and employee is:

  1. Convicted of one moving violation and/or involved in a preventable accident, a written warning will be issued.
  2. Convicted of a second moving violation and/or involved in a second preventable accident, a District invoked driving suspension will be applied.
  3. Convicted of a third moving violation and/or involved in a preventable accident, additional suspension or termination will result.
  4. Convicted of a fourth moving violation and/or involved in a fourth preventable accident termination will result.

    B. If, while operating ANY MOTOR VEHICLE, an employee is:
    1. Convicted of a major violation, termination will result.
    2. Habitual offenders* will be terminated.

    C. Falsification of information relating to employment or failure to report accidents and/or convictions while operating a District vehicle, will result in termination or permanent suspension of operating District vehicles.

    D. Each August all drivers are requested to furnish the District with a list and explanation of any moving violations and accident involvements during the preceding year, including those incurred while operating a private vehicle. The employees statement of violations and accidents will be verified through the State of Iowa Driver’s License Division.

IV.Driving tests as part of employment certification:
A. All new drivers will:

  1. Drive a route similar to their intended driving requirements.
  2. Operate a vehicle similar to the one intended for their assignment.

    B. Drivers who have completed probation may be required to submit to a driving re-test.

    V.  Warnings – Any operator of a school vehicle is subject to warning regarding unsafe operation
    A. Warnings will be issued by the Supervisor of Transportation.
    B.  Warnings will be issued according to the District guidelines for Progressive Discipline.

* Habitual offenders: employees convicted of six (6) or more moving violations and/or involved in preventable accidents within the preceding twenty four (24) month period.


  • Reviewed 5/96, 8/99
  • Revised 7/2017