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Administrative Regulation 307.02B

Administrative Regulation 307.02 B

Naming of Facilities


Please refer to Administrative Regulations 307.02 before completing this form

Date   ________

Name of person/group making recommendation   ___________________________________

Name of  Honoree __________________________

Briefly discuss the honoree and how he/she has enhanced student learning


Years the honoree was involved   ________________to________________

Facility or portion there of to be named:  ___________________________

Attach three testimonials; one must be from a community member or group

Attach sheet with staff signatures of support (80% of current staff must be in support)

Building Principal Signature  ___________________

Associate Superintendent Signature _____________________________

Reviewed by screening committee___________Date

Sent to Superintendent  yes  ___________         no  __________

Superintendent  Signature_______________________

Board agenda                 Date _______________  Passed  __________      Denied  ____________

  • Revised 6/2017