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Administrative Regulation 307.02A


Naming of Facilities

The naming of a school is dictated by Board policy:

  • Elementary Schools are named after Presidents of the United States
  • Intermediate Schools are named after former superintendents
  • High Schools are named based upon geographical location

When considering the naming of a facility or some part there of, in recognition of a person who has made a significant contribution to student learning and the mission of the District the honoree must:

  • Have demonstrated a long term commitment of at least 15 years to the district involving one or more schools.
  • Have enhanced student learning
  • Not be a current district employee.  If once an employee, the honoree must be separated from the district for a minimum of five years unless deceased.  In addition, must have left the district in good standing.


  1. The Naming of Facilities Form must be completed and sent to an Associate Superintendent.
  2. A review committee organized by the Superintendent or his/her designee will convene to determine if all of the requirements outlined in the administrative regulations have been met.
  3. The committee will make a recommendation to the Superintendent who will then send it to the school board for their vote.
  • Adopted 5/10
  • Revised 6/2017