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Administrative Regulation 306.05A


Public Examination of School District Public Records

Persons wishing to examine school district records shall make their request to the custodian of records or the Board Secretary. Records will be provided for examination or copied within a reasonable time frame. Copy charges are .25 cents per page.

If the records request is estimated to require more than 30 minutes of school district labor, the school district’s cost for the compilation, examination and reproduction of requested records will be charged to the person requesting the service. The requestor will be given an estimate of the cost of providing the service. The requestor will be assessed a fee of 50% of the estimated cost of doing the work prior to the commencement of the work. The work will begin upon the initial payment. The work product will be presented to the requestor upon the final payment for the cost of providing records.

All charges will be based upon actual costs to the school district. The school district will use reasonable and cost prudent means to provide the requested information. A form delineating actual costs by category will be provided to the requestor in estimated and later actual cost form (See “Request for Public Records”). Copies of the “Request for Public Records” forms will be filed to document requests.

  • Updated 4/91, 8/93, 3/95, 8/99
  • Reviewed 7/96, 9/96, 11/97
  • Revised 4/9/18