1606 Brady St.
Davenport, IA

Administrative Regulation 305.02A



Fire, Extended Coverage, Vandalism, and Sprinkler Leakage –

Coverage is provided at full replacement value with a one thousand dollar deductible provision on all insurable property, except buildings not now used for school purposes which are listed at insurable cash value.

Liability –

General:  Coverage is provided for the district and all employees with a limit of one million dollars for bodily injury and one-hundred thousand dollars for property damage.

Professional:  Coverage is provided for members of the Board and all employees with a limit of two million dollars.

Fleet:  Coverage is provided for all cars, trucks, buses, and other  wheeled vehicles with a limit of one million dollars per accident for bodily injury and two-hundred-fifty thousand dollars for property damage.

  Umbrella:  Additional coverage for all liability is provided with a limit of ten million dollars.

Boiler and Machinery:  Coverage is provided for boiler and other presurized unit replacements with a limit of $ 1,000,000 and a $ 250.00 deductible.

Underground Storage Tanks:  Coverage is provided for fuel leaks in underground storage tanks with limit of $ 1,000,000.

Workmen’s Compensation –

Coverage is provided all employees as provided by the Code of Iowa

Fidelity Bonds –

Bonds are provided for the Secretary of the Board and Treasurer of the Board.

Money and Securities Broad Form policy provides coverage up to ten thousand dollars for all employees.

Employee Benefit Program –

Coverage is provided for Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance and Long-Term Disability for regular employees in accordance with the terms in the negotiated contract for each group.

  • Adopted 6/82
  • Updated 4/91, 8/93, 11/97, 12/03
  • Reviewed 7/99, 12/03