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Administrative Regulation 305.01A


Food and Nutrition Services

School lunch and breakfast are available to all students in the district.

For buildings that are not equipped with food preparation equipment, lunches will be prepared in kitchens at other buildings and transported to those buildings at the proper time when school is in session.

Meal Prices

The Supervisor of Food & Nutrition Services will maintain adequate records with details of cost factors that enable prompt decisions on necessary prices for meals to students that will provide sufficient income to prevent financial losses on the total operation.  Meal prices will be adjusted only at the beginning of a school year except when unusual circumstances make emergency action necessary.  Any increase in meal prices requires approval of the Board of Directors.

Free and Reduced Price Meals

Free and reduced price lunches and breakfasts, where applicable, will be provided to those students whose parent(s) or guardian meet the eligibility requirements as established by the Federal Lunch and Breakfast Program and the State Department of Education, Bureau of Food and Nutrition.

The Food Service Supervisor, through Food and Nutrition Service staff or designees in each building unit shall administer the program in school buildings.  Application forms will be provided by the Food and Nutrition Service staff in each building.  Care shall be taken to ensure that family members located in another building have the same information and eligibility determination.  Eligibility may also be met by District Certification provided to the District through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Food & Nutrition Service Program

The primary function of the Food and Nutrition Services Department is to provide an appetizing, nutritious, age-appropriate lunch and breakfast to students.  With the approval of the Food & Nutrition Services Supervisor, the facilities and equipment can be used:

  • by other school groups
  • for parent, teacher and senior citizen meetings
  • civic organization meetings related to school interests

It is expected that those groups or individuals will safeguard the facilities an/or equipment.

The Food and Nutrition Services Department is also available for contract catering for appropriate school related functions.

Financial Support for Food & Nutrition Services

The Food & Nutrition Services are intended to operate on a self-supporting basis except for facility space and utilities.  Sufficient income should be generated through sales and services to meet the other needs.

District Sources-

District funds may be used to provide necessary physical plant facilities including cafeteria dining space the initial equipment necessary to establish the program in new or remodeled buildings and office facilities.

Operational costs, including utilities and custodial/maintenance services, may also be provided by the district.

State and Federal Sources –

Meal costs are subsidized under provisions of state and federal laws and regulations.

Local Sources –

Sales of lunches, breakfasts, ala carte items, and “in-district” catering generate the remaining support for the program.

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