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Administrative Regulation 304.09A


School Credit Cards

The superintendent, Deputy and Associate Superintendents, Executive Directors and the Chief Financial Officer will hold district credit cards.  The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for issuing any other credit cards.

Those individuals holding district credit cards are responsible for their safekeeping and for reporting loss or theft of the credit card immediately.  Credit card holders are responsible for obtaining receipts for all purchases made with the credit card.  All receipts must be turned in to the Superintendent or Chief Financial Officer’s assistant.  The Superintendent or Chief Financial Officer’s administrative assistants will reconcile the receipts to the credit card bill, code the credit card bill with appropriate account numbers and submit the bill to Accounting for payment.

Credit cards may be used for district travel and conference expenses, professional development and other office supplies and materials.  No personal purchases may be made on the district credit card.  Any unsubstantiated credit card purchases will be the responsibility of the individual.

  • Adopted 3/04