1702 N. Main St.
Davenport, IA

Administrative Regulation 303.06A


Receiving Supplies and Equipment

Supplies and equipment purchased by the Davenport Community School District are delivered to the Central Receiving Department. Personnel of the Central Receiving Department shall certify receipt of all equipment, supplies and services to the Accounting Department.

  1. Once receipt of supplies and equipment is certified to the Accounting Department, the items shall be delivered to the respective buildings through the District’s internal delivery system. Supplies and equipment will then be posted to their respective asset accounts.
  2. The items shall be delivered to the room designated. For stock orders, one copy of the “S form” shall accompany the delivered items. Delivery tickets will be signed by the buildings receiving supplies/equipment from the warehouse.
  3. For other orders buildings will retain a copy of the delivery ticket.

Certain items are not delivered to the Central Receiving Department but directly to an individual building. For these direct deliveries, local buildings shall be notified when they receive a copy of the original Purchase Order. Once the items are delivered, school personnel receiving such items shall notify the Accounting Department by means of “Form #A-100”, a receiving report certifying that the items have been received in good condition, which shall be signed by the building Principal or Supervisor.


  • Adopted 1/92
  • Revised 7/96
  • Reviewed 8/99