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Administrative Regulation 303.02A


Opening of Bids

Bids shall be opened publicly and read aloud at the time and place stipulated in the Invitation To Bid. All persons attending the bid opening should ‘sign in” as an indication of their attendance; attendance is also open to non-bidders.

If only one bid is received the administration may determine if the bid should be left unopened. If it is left unopened it should be presented to the Board with a recommendation to re-bid the item(s).

Bids that are opened should be evaluated and a recommendation formulated and recorded on the proper award form to be included in the Board of Education Agenda. Estimates prepared prior to the bidding shall be recorded on the form.

Bids received late shall be returned unopened. Bids received via FAX shall not be accepted. Performance bonds, if required, may be accepted via FAX.

  • Revised 7/96, Revised 5/11
  • Edited 4/91, 8/93, 5/11