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Administrative Regulation 302.07A


Leases and Rental of Property

Leases and rental of unused district properties can be for one or multiple years.  The leasing of farm ground must follow particular guidelines as follows:

  1. At the end of a lease period, the district must notify the present lease holder of its intention to terminate the lease.  Such notification must be made prior to September 1.
  2. A Notice Inviting Bidsmust be published in a local newspaper two times with the last advertisement a minimum of ten days prior to the deadline for receipt of bids.
  3. Specifications describing the property available and any conditions must be written and made available to all interested parties.
  1. Bids shall be received based on “price per acre” and “total amount.”  “ Cash Rent” is the only acceptable form of bid.  The bid should also include the proposed crop.
  • Reviewed 11/97, 7/99, Reviewed 5/11; Reviewed 8/2015 
  • Edited 4/91, 8/93, 12/03, 5/11