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Administrative Regulation 302.06A


Obsolete Equipment and Supplies

Arrangements for advertising and subsequent sale should be made with the Purchasing Department.  An advertisement will be placed in at least one local newspaper and posted in the district buildings.  The advertisement will contain a brief description of each item or groups of items.  The items designated for sale will be located in a place interested parties can view them and do the following:

  1. Negotiate sales to other public entities.
  2. Spot Bid – To be used when items are few in number and become available on an irregular schedule( 1) contact buyers on an informal basis, 2) determine best price for items under current market conditions)
  3. Bids for said items can be written or through auction if multiple parties are interested.  If only one person is interested in purchasing the sale price may be negotiated.

Funds from all sales shall be sent to the Finance Office.  The money will be credited to the appropriate fund per State Code.


  • Updated 6/82, 4/91, 8/93, 11/97, 11/99, 12/03
  • Reviewed 7/96, 7/99