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Administrative Regulation 302.05A


Educational Material Fees

The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designated officer shall set up the necessary regulations to administer the sale of educational supplies and materials, not including textbooks, to students of the school.  Such sales shall be only for the convenience of the students.  Neither the school district, nor any employee thereof, shall profit in any manner from the sales.

Regulations shall include the following:

  1. Proper record keeping provisions to account for all items handled, including sales and remaining inventories.
  2. Proper methods of determining prices to be charged to insure sustaining the account without generating an unacceptable profit.
  3. Proper methods of disposing of obsolete unsold materials.
  4. All items sold for educational purposes, related to delivery of the curricular program, will be accounted for in the General Fund.
  5. Any items sold that do not pertain to a curricular program, will be accounted for in the Student Activities Fund.
  • Adopted 6/82
  • Updated 4/91, 8/93, 12/03
  • Reviewed 6/96, 7/99