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Administrative Regulation 302.02A


Tuition Fees

Pupils who acquire non-resident status as a result of the parent (s) or guardian moving from the district prior to the last four weeks of a school year, and who are granted permission to remain in this school system for the remainder of the school year may, on request of the parent(s) or guardian, be granted a tax credit against any tuition payment computed for the remainder of the school year.  Such tax credit shall be the portion of school tax paid by the parent (s) or guardian on the former residence in the school district for that year prorated for the time for which tuition is being paid.

Tuition Fees for Non-Resident Pupils

Qualified students who are not legal residents of this district may be admitted to school at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools upon application and payment of tuition.  The tuition rate shall be computed as authorized by the State Department of Public Instruction and approved by the Board of Directors.

The established tuition fee shall be charged on a pro-rate daily basis (1/180th) for all non-resident pupils who are enrolled for one year or less.  All tuition payments are payable in advance, at least on a quarterly basis.  Building administrators are responsible for checking on tuition payment for students at the beginning of each period of time for which payment is due.

Tuition will be waived for pupils who have been residents of the Davenport Community School District the current year, and who during the last four weeks only of school because of a change of residence, have come under non-resident status.

Tuition may be waived during the last four weeks of the school year for a non-resident pupil coming into the district during that time and who intends to become a resident of the school district by the start of the ensuing year.

  • Legal References — Code of Iowa Chapter 282.2
  • Updated 6/82, 4/91, 8/93, 5/04
  • Reviewed 7/96, 11/97, 7/99