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Administrative Regulation 203.09A


Evaluation of Administrators

Administrators shall be evaluated annually by their immediate supervisor.  The process will be continual, following the guidelines and procedures below.

  1. By September 30th, a conference will be held with the employee to discuss and determine job targets, areas for growth and/or performance goals.
  2. A progress conference will be held before January 31st to review progress on job targets, areas for growth and/or performance goals and criteria.
  3. In cases where unacceptable performance exists, a plan of action will be developed by the supervisor and monitored on a frequent basis.  A summative evaluation report and conference is to be held by April 1st to determine the employment status for the following year.
  4. Summative reports and conferences that were not held by April 1st will be held by June 30th.
  5. Summative reports are to be in writing, using either a narrative, checklist, or some combination format, including performance pay criteria, based upon the employee’s job description, job targets, pre-determined areas for growth and special assignments.
  6. The employee shall have the opportunity to respond in writing to the written evaluation and the response shall become part of the summative report.


  • Updated 5/92, 7/93, 9/96
  • Reviewed 7/96, 11/97, 8/99, 7/03