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Administrative Regulation 103.01A



Use of District Communications Systems

Certified and support staff and administrators’ use of the electronic communications network will be consistent with the following Board Policies and Administrative Regulations:

AR 101.02 Guidelines for Media Interviews, Photos, & Video of Students (see form 2012-2013 Photo Release Form)
101.05 Distribution of Printed Materials
604.03 Copyright Law     AR 604.03A
604.07 Selection of Instructional Materials
605.04 Permanent Student Records
605.06 Acceptable Use

Network activity and electronic content are not guaranteed to be private. System operators have access to computer files and activity records. Content or activity relating to or in support of non-educational uses are prohibited. In addition, uses of the electronic communication network that relate to or support illegal activities may be reported to the proper authorities.

Inappropriate use of the electronic communication network by faculty and staff may result in disciplinary action which may include the following:

  • verbal and/or written reprimand
  • cancellation of access to the electronic network
  • disciplinary action up to and including termination
  • referral for appropriate legal action, if necessary

Inappropriate use of the electronic communication network includes but is not limited to:

  • using it for a purpose(s) which is not related to the educational mission of the district
  • accessing material on external electronic networks or posting material on our electronic network which is inconsistent with the educational mission of the DCSD and its Board Policies and Administrative Regulations
  • disseminating/disclosing personally identifiable information without parent/guardian and student permission in violation of  the Family and Educational Rights Privacy Act -FERPA (see 605.04 Permanent Student Records)
  • requiring or encouraging students to access material from electronic networks which is inconsistent with the educational mission of the DCSD and its Board Policies and Administrative Regulations
  • using it for commercial activities, excessive personal communication, personal financial profit, product advertisement or political lobbying
  • sending transmissions which violate any district, state, or U.S. regulation or law
  • using other organization’s networks in noncompliance with the rules appropriate for those networks
  • using it in a way that disrupts the use of the network as a system operator, unless authorized to do so by a system operator
  • any malicious attempt to harm or destroy hardware, software or data of another user or other networks
  • loading or attempting to load software which
    • does not comply with district standards
    • is not on the district approved software list,
    • has not been approved by a system operator


  •  tampering with the standard hard drive configuration of a district computer without authorization from a system operator


  • Adopted 7/98
  • Reviewed 7/03
  • Revised 9/05