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  • Adams Elementary School

    Principal: Sheri Sanders

    3029 N. Division St.

    Davenport, Iowa 52804

    Phone: (563) 391-6563,  Fax: (563) 468-4193

  • News, Events, and Announcements

    Early Registration For Your Incoming Kindergarten Students

    Davenport Community Schools begins registering incoming Kindergarten students early this year!  Starting February 19, families of incoming Kindergarten students are invited to apply online or to pick up and submit forms to the school office to begin the registration process.  This will be just a first step in the registration process with final enrollment based on availability.  For new Kindergarten students, parents are required to bring in their completed forms Read more

    Talent Show Information

    PARENTS may attend the auditions/practices if they are volunteering/working/assisting Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Hill.   You may not stay if you are just here to watch.  It is not a performance.  

    The next Talent Show Practice is on Tuesday 2/9/16 after school.   Students may leave after performing.  Students please make your travel arrangements with parents/guardians/child care before school.   Know who is picking you up, when and where.

    Dress rehearsal is Tuesday Read more

    Winter Tips

    Students should dress appropriately for the weather during the winter months.  The best approach is to dress in layers and make sure that the youngster’s head, face and hands are covered.  These parts of the body are most susceptible to frostbite. (

    Do I really need a hat?  Yes, your mom is right.  You lose a lot of heat through your head and neck.  Wear a hat and Read more

    Pond/Ice on the playground

    Adams School and the district are aware of the large pond/ice in the grass between the south playground and the driveway.  It is an engineering issue.   Students have repeatedly been told to AVOID THE AREA.   We are checking on installing barriers. Read more

    Winter is here. Boots, shoes, snow pants, etc.

    If your student wears snow boots to school, please remember to bring another pair of shoes to wear during school.   Appropriate shoes are still needed for gym class too.  To play in the snow at recess, your child needs snow pants, mittens/gloves and boots. Read more

    Parking reminders

    Do not park in the bus parking on Garfield Street.  Davenport Police have issued tickets on 29th Street to vehicles parked in the no parking zones.  This would also apply to all crosswalks and the bus lane on Garfield Street; please do not park in these areas.  If you do, we have been instructed to call the police.  Thank you for your cooperation! Read more

    RAPTOR Visitor Management

    raptor logo

    • Visitors, please remember to bring your driver’s license or government issued ID.
    • We only need to scan your license one time.
    • Remember to sign in and sign out at the office.
    • Please see these links for more information.   Raptor Visitor FAQs 2015    Raptor Intro Letter

      Read more

    Breakfast and Lunch

    2015-2016 Prices:  Elementary breakfast $1.20, reduced price $0.30.  Adult/Second student meal $2.00.  Elementary lunch $2.30, reduced price $0.40.  Adult/Second Student meal $3.80.

    February 2016 Lunch Menu        February 2016 Breakfast and After School Snack Menu    Do you have question about your meal account?  Please call 563-391-6491 or 563-386-4780.  Money can be added 1) in the cafeteria, 2) using TouchBase or 3) in the office.    Meal Account BALANCE INQUIRIES can be done: Read more

    This and That….

    Do you have questions about birthday treats?  See read Healthy Treat Ideas.

    Has your phone number, address or email address changed?  Please notify the office with any changes to your phone numbers, address, emergency contacts, email address, etc.  Another option is to access Parent Portal and make the changes.  If you don’t have a Parent Portal account,  please view the district website for more information.  Click here for more Read more

    School Day

    Please arrive by 7:30am.  The student day begins at 7:35am.   Students arriving after 7:30am must enter through the main office to receive a tardy slip.

    The student day ends at 2:25pm.  Wednesdays are a 1 hour early dismissal at 1:25pm.

    Each morning, please review the afternoon travel arrangements with your student.  The office staff cannot interrupt class to tell the student alternate travel arrangements.

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