English as a Second Language

ESL Sites

Over 500 students, also known as English Language Learners or ELLs, receive ESL services in the Davenport Community School District.  There are ESL intensive programs at the following eight schools:

Intensive ESL Programs, Elementary, K-5th Grade:

  1. Buchanan, serving the North Region (Blue Grass, Fillmore, Harrison, Jackson, Truman, Walcott) 4515 Fairmount St.; 563-391-1463
  2. Jefferson-Edison, serving the Central Region (Madison) 1027 Marquette St.; 563-322-3557
  3. McKinley, serving the East Region (Eisenhower, Garfield, and Washington) 1716 Kenwood Ave.; 563-324-0403
  4. Monroe, serving the South Region (Buffalo, Hayes) 1926 W. 4th St.; 563-322-3559
  5. Adams, serving the West Region (Adams students only) 3029 N. Division St.; 563-391-6563
  6. Wilson, serving the West Region (Wilson students only) 2002 N. Clark St.; 563-391-0903

Intensive ESL Program, Intermediate. 6th-8th Grade:

  1. Williams, serving all intermediate schools in the district 3040 N. Division St.; 563-391-6550

Intensive ESL Program, 9th-12th Grade:

  1.  West, serving all high schools in the district 3505 W. Locust St.; 563-386-5500

ESL Services

The schools above provide intensive ESL programs to their English Language Learners, delivered by specially trained ESL teachers and paraeducators.  Instruction varies individually according to language proficiency and academic needs.  Below is a comparison of the intensive ESL programs with other schools in the district.

Intensive ESL Programs

Other Regional Schools

  • ELLs attend school with ESL teacher on staff
  • ELLs meet daily with ESL Teacher and Para
  • Materials and texts supporting English language learning are used
  • ESL teachers support academic learning in the regular classroom
  • Recommended for non-English proficient and limited-English proficient ELLs with a composite score of 4 and below on the annual ESL assessment
  • ELLs attend school where traveling “Satellite” ESL teacher schedules visits
  • ELLs meet with Satellite ESL teacher for regularly scheduled lessons
  • Regular education materials and texts are used
  • ESL teachers support academic learning in the regular classroom
  • Recommended for transitional ELLs with a composite score of 5 or 6 on the annual ESL assessment

Process to Identify English Language Learners

  1. All families with students enrolled in the Davenport School District complete a home language survey.
  2. When a language other than English is listed as the home language, and/or the child was born outside of the U.S., an ESL teacher will administer an assessment to determine if ESL services are needed.
  3. After the assessment, the ESL teacher will determine the student’s level of English proficiency and discuss the academic options with the family.
  4. Students who qualify for an intensive ESL program may attend the nearest site (as listed on the reverse side).
  5. A family may decline services by signing a form indicating that they are not accepting the recommendation.

Cultural Liaisons

Cultural Liaisons serve as a bridge between the schools and ELLs’ families.  They spend time at each intensive site every week; part of this includes providing translation when necessary to support students’ needs.  Their office is at the Administrative Service Center.

  • Sarahy Arriaga de Castro, Hispanic Cultural Liaison (office) 563-336-5067, (cell) 563-726-2665
  • Ana Maria Tello, Hispanic Cultural Liaison (office) 563-336-5033, (cell) 563-343-3349
  • Lily Nguyen, Vietnamese Cultural Liaison (office) 563-336-3824, (cell) 563-340-1494

For More Information

Please feel free to contact a Cultural Liaison, an ESL teacher at a school listed on the reverse side, or Dawn Kruse, ESL Facilitator, at 563-336-5063.  If you need assistance with oral or written translation, please contact Diane Paquet, ESL Secretary, at 563-336-3836.