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Tech Ed

The Tech Ed programs allow students to gain real world skills in Automotive Technology, Construction, Engineering / Engineering Technologies, Manufacturing, and Welding, with a major emphasis on aligning to industry standards. Some highlights of being a part of a Tech Ed program include: college credit. Internships, work based learning, certified pre-apprenticeship, certifications, Project Lead The Way, competitive internships, scholarships, and regional competitions.The Tech Ed program offers vocational auto and welding. The Tech Ed program’s construction capstone is Student Built Home, where students are on an actual job site building the house from the ground up.


Automotive Technology

  • Analyze, diagnose, repair, and maintain advanced automotive systems in foreign and domestic vehicles
  • Use professional diagnostic and repair equipment to troubleshoot complex systems
  • Optimize vehicle performance to satisfy customer needs



  • Design and build a wide range of projects from concept to completion
  • Construct a modern residential home from the ground up utilizing professional power tools
  • Work with industry professionals in all aspects of construction including framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and finishing


Engineering / Engineering Technologies

  • Make a difference by inventing solutions to everyday problems while working individually and in teams
  • Explore, experience, and create innovative projects in the diverse fields of engineering
  • Bring your ideas to life by using advanced digital design and 3D printing technologies



  • Use advanced fabrication techniques and equipment to join, cut, bend, and manipulate materials for industrial and artistic applications
  • Produce solutions to complex engineering challenges from concept to completion
  • Program and control industrial CNC machines to manufacture precise components to meet specifications



  • Use advanced welding techniques and fabrication equipment to manipulate metal for construction, industrial, and artistic applications
  • Work independently and in teams to build, assemble, and repair metal projects to meet industry and community needs
  • Operate the same advanced welding and fabrication equipment utilized by professionals


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