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Career Experiences

What are Career  Experiences?

Career Engagement Experiences allow students to explore various careers in a program of study. As students unlock each level of experience, they get the chance to explore a career in a deeper way, and eventually have the opportunity to begin training. Throughout the levels, students are able to identify careers they want to pursue and those they don’t!


Why do Career Experiences help me?

Have you ever been very excited about an upcoming event, only to get there and have the reality be a totally different story? Well, that can happen with our career decisions too! In order to really see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have to have a vision for what is at the end! A description of a career may sound one way, but the actual daily work may be a very different situation. How will you know if you never spend any time with a professional that can give you the truth?

Experiences give you the opportunity to touch and see careers you want to explore, allowing you to adapt your plan based on your reactions. Identifying your passions and strengths and how they connect to a career is a goal for these experiences. Once you begin unlocking the levels, the options are unlimited!


How do I get involved?

Students and Parents

  • Talk to your CTE teacher about the opportunities happening in your classes now or click the following link for more information www.tinyurl.com/DavenportCTE
  • Complete THIS APPLICATION to request a Job Shadow in a CTE career! Email completed forms to hargravel@davenportschools.org.
  • Email Lauren Hargrave (hargravel@davenportschools.org) and she will get in touch with you about upcoming opportunities or events that fit your interests! Include the following information:
    • Name, grade, school
    • Career pathway you are interested in
    • Level of experience you are ready to unlock


Community Partners

Would your business like to be a partner and host these experiences? Some benefits include:

  • Increased exposure to students about opportunities available with your business.
  • Networking with students early in their journey and supporting them in their pursuit of a career.
  • Being a recognized supporter of Davenport Schools’ initiatives and Career and Tech Ed programming.


Complete the form below to get involved! For additional information and Career Experience details, please reach out to Lauren Hargrave at hargravel@davenportschools.org or 563-336-7456.


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