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Davenport, IA
  • Why Choose Davenport Schools?

    Davenport Community Schools offers a customized curriculum and expansive program offerings resulting in a high level of academic excellence for students in a caring, cosmopolitan learning environment. Why Davenport Schools? Because parents, faculty, alumni and community leaders agree… students thrive here.

    To visit our welcoming page, which features an informative video and resources available to new movers to our community, visit http://www.davenportschools.org/welcome/.  Also, If you haven’t already done so, please visit our three hallmarks above.  Visit our “Distinguished Legacy” page to learn about the history of Davenport Community Schools.  To learn about some of our distinctive characteristics, visit “Unmatched Opportunities.”  And finally, to learn about recent awards and some of our outstanding alumni, visit our “Remarkable Results” page.

    Parent and Community Member Testimonials

    “I love the fact that my children are part of a diverse student body and feel that other homogeneous districts are missing this valuable element of interpersonal relationships. But this is not our only calling card. Davenport offers 7 years of foreign language. We have award winning music programs. My son started cello lessons in 4th grade – something no other district could offer. When people hear about Davenport Schools I want them to think of a learning environment where technology, art, science, math and literature are part of everyday learning and students are excelling.”
    – Matt Schwind, Local Realtor and parent of DCS students

    “We chose to enroll our children in the Davenport Schools for a number of reasons. The district provides a wide variety of classes and programs, for one. We can’t imagine better opportunities for our children in both the arts and sciences, even if we lived in a much larger community.”
    – Bob Waterman, Parent of DCS Graduate & Partner in the Law Firm of Lane & Waterman

    “It’s so important to provide students with an environment that is motivating and encourages them to take risks to learn and do more. With our emphasis on literacy, brain-friendly classrooms, and Skills for Life, we have a winning combination going on in our schools that is making this happen.”
    – Ken Krumwiede, Past Vice President of School Board, Former Truman Elementary Principal, and Past Iowa Principal of the Year

    “The Davenport Schools are helping to prepare the skilled work force that is so important to technology-driven companies such as mine. Through a sound school-to-work approach, the district is preparing students to set goals for jobs tomorrow that may not even exist today.”
    – Bob Lane, Former Chief Executive Officer of John Deere Company

    “I’ve spent a year traveling across Iowa, visiting hundreds of schools. I’m happy to call Davenport my home and the Davenport Schools the district where I teach. There’s nothing easy about what we do, serving such a wide variety of student abilities. But that’s what makes it exhilarating. We’re raising the standards for each and every one of those students. We want them to meet the standards and, more importantly, their individual potential.”
    – Joan McShane, Retired Jefferson Edison Elementary Program Coordinator & Past Iowa Teacher of the Year
    “I believe that the Davenport Community Schools is one of Iowa’s Leaders in Education. The skills that are taught to the “novice” learner are the skills that will resonate in them as contributing adults. Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education and the Arts are the vitamins for a healthy mind and body. Each of these subject areas work in congruency with each other as I have witnessed with my own three children. Students of diverse backgrounds have worked as part of the learning environment. Understanding cultures as a part of the learning structure only enhances the educational experience. The Davenport Community Schools offers a well-rounded solution to an ever changing society.”
    – Phyllis Thede, State Representative, Secretary at Williams Intermediate, and Parent of DCS Graduates

    “I have five children who either have graduated or are in their final years in the Davenport Schools. The education and life experiences they received here have prepared them well to reach for their goals. I am proud of my children, and I also am proud of the schools and community that have made it possible for all of our children to go on to do great things.”
    – Jamie Howard, Parent of DCS Graduates and Past Davenport School Board Member


    If you have some input to give about your child’s education that you would be willing to share with the community please let us know at feedback@mail.davenport.k12.ia.us!