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State Attendance Center Ranking System

We want to make our parents aware of a new state website that provides a snapshot of how our public schools and school districts are performing in two areas: student proficiency rates and growth toward college/career readiness. The  new website was developed by the Iowa Department of Education to enable parents and the community to look up this information for any public school or district in the State. The website provides performance data on two of the nine specific measures required by the 2013 education reform law.

The information on the state website is similar to the information our district has been using for the past three years.to help us assess student achievement in our schools. We’ve included  two tables for you convenience: Ranking By School shows reading proficiency and growth, along with math proficiency and growth for each of our schools. Ranking By District shows reading proficiency and growth, along with math proficiency and growth for various subgroups within our district.

We’ve also included a list of the Key Actions our district has taken over the last three years to increase student achievement and help close the achievement gap for our students. Our parents and families are valued partners in helping our students succeed in school and beyond graduation.  We appreciate you taking time to review this important information. For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.