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Business Partnerships

Parents, family members, neighbors, organizations and agencies are all a vital part of a student’s everyday life and are important partners in the education of students. Business and civic leaders across the community also understand the impact of education on community vitality and prosperity, and support our schools throughout the year. There are many ways that individuals and businesses can support the students and families of the Davenport Community Schools.

We need your support through your…

Experience and Expertise
Your support is also needed as an expert in your field. A comprehensive network of Career Pathway Advisory Councils, stakeholder committees and task forces provide expertise and guidance on the curriculum, operations and long-range planning of the district. These advisory councils and committees are maintained by the district to encourage dialogue and feedback on issues important to the district and to public education.

Specialized tools are available to help you tell the story and spread the good news about our schools, students and families.  Browse our web site and you’ll be amazed at what’s happening in your community schools. Get out and see what great things students are doing. Go to an athletic event and cheer on the team. Attend a band concert or musical. Host a student presentation. Learn about the legislative issues and policies affecting public education.

Business Partnership/Adopt-A-School
The correlation between an educated workforce and our community’s economic vitality is unquestionable. Supporting public education and what’s good for school is also good for business. Businesses and organizations can “adopt a school” and help with donations of time, services or funding. Business partners get so much in return with special student services and performances.

Individuals and groups can volunteer to support the Davenport Community Schools at various schools and in many programs, including student mentoring, instructional support, special events and more. Please call (563) 445-5000 or complete an online volunteer application by visiting our volunteer page.

Career Experiences
Provide opportunities for school-to-work experiences, giving kids the chance to learn about your industry first-hand. Participate in career fairs and classroom visits to help students start to plan how they will develop the skills they will need to succeed in their future work.

The Davenport Schools Foundation offers “Great Minds” enrichment experiences to students of Davenport Community Schools. All sizes of gifts are encouraged. Sponsor a single field trip or a Gala event. The Foundation also accepts gifts for student scholarships. Contact the Davenport Schools Foundation at (563) 445-5000.

Gifts of Equipment and Supplies
Various musical instruments, furniture and classroom and office materials are accepted from local business partners and redistributed to all of our schools. Limitations include technology, soft furniture, toys, carpeting or drapery. Contact Dawn Kimmel by calling (563) 445-5000. Donate school supplies for the “First Day” school supplies drive by calling (563) 445-5000 or “Coats for Kids” at the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency by calling Denise Zimmer at (563) 344-6320 or visiting http://www.qcacoatsforkids.org/.