1702 N. Main St.
Davenport, IA

A message from Superintendent TJ Schneckloth

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DCSD Families:

I want you to know, I’m proud of the progress that our District is making. We have all had to make changes in our lives as we’ve weathered the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all learned to wear masks, wash our hands more, and maintain social distance. Vaccines are available, but the solution to this health crisis will take time. We must continue to work together to stay safe and healthy.

I want to thank the District’s families and students, and of course, all of our teachers and staff members, as we work together to Return To Learn. Some students have chosen to return to 100% In-Person Learning, while others have chosen 100% Online-Only. In either case, the District is committed to making this the best possible experience for everyone.

For students who are returning to classroom learning, we hope they will enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones. These students are required to wear their masks at school, all day and at all grade levels. They are also required to take home their school materials and Chromebooks each day, in case of bad weather.

For students riding our school buses, we will continue to make this experience safe and convenient. Unless students are contacted by the transportation department with new information, their pick-up times and locations remain the same. However, end-of-day drop-off times will take place 25 minutes later than usual. 

Again, I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding, as we all Return To Learn. Be sure to visit our website regularly for updates on issues that affect our district families.

Thank you so much for being part of the Davenport Community School District.

Thank you,
TJ Schneckloth

Find the District’s full Return To Learn plan and resources here.