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IMPORTANT: 1st Quarter Extension & Edgenuity Update For High School Students & Families

Davenport High School Families—

I wanted to notify you that Davenport Schools is extending the first quarter by one week, and to provide you with important information surrounding your high school student’s virtual learning moving forward.

The first quarter will now effectively end on Thursday, October 29, 2020, for all high school students.  Students will not be in attendance on Friday, October 30.

High school students will have only Davenport School District teachers providing instruction within the Edgenuity virtual learning platform starting with the new quarter on November 2, 2020.  This decision was made in response to parental feedback received throughout the first quarter regarding Edgenuity. We will be using Friday, October 30, for teacher training.

Shifting towards using solely district teachers within the Edgenuity platform will create a more cohesive experience from the classroom to your student’s online courses, resulting in a better learning environment.

The additional four days that have been added to the first quarter will give students the opportunity to improve their grades, catch up on work, get additional support, and fill in any gaps in learning.

While we are doing our best to make this a seamless transition for both parents and students, please know that this may shift current teacher responsibilities in addition to student schedules. For example, a teacher your student was assigned during the first quarter may not be their teacher moving forward for that same class, and your student’s current schedule could change. Please have your student(s) check their student portal prior to the beginning of the second quarter (which will begin on Monday, November 2) to note any adjustments to their current teacher or schedule.

We appreciate your feedback and patience as we continue to strive to provide your student(s) with the safest and most enriching learning environment possible.

Thank you,
TJ Schneckloth