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Eisenhower Elementary Fourth Grade Students Raise Money for Australian Bushfires

On Thursday, January 30, 2020 fourth grade students at Eisenhower Elementary participated in a celebration where the entire fourth grade class donated $2,070.09 to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund from a project Eisenhower Elementary fourth grade students had been participating in called Pennies for Percentage. 

Megan Determan, fourth grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary, created this project to raise money for the Australian Bushfires, starting with an original goal of raising $200.

“The concept came about by teaching Social Studies and talking about how humans make an impact on the environment and other humans, as well as how the environment impacts humans. I’ve been wanting to do a service project with this group, and with the bushfires being such a current event at the same time as teaching this Social Studies standard, it felt right to show the students how they can directly make an impact when humanity is at its most vulnerable,” said Determan.

To raise money, students who wanted to participate set a ST Math goal. Then, students would have one week to reach their ST Math percentage goal. 

Students found sponsors from home, including friends and family, to donate a certain amount of money per percentage gained that week.

After sponsor forms were turned in, it became clear to Determan that the amount raised was going to be quite a bit more than $200. Determan reached out through social media and emails to local businesses to see if anyone would be willing to match the classes donations, up to $500.

Martin Family and Cosmetic Dentistry agreed to match donations up to $500. Whitey’s Ice Cream contributed $100.

Today’s event was a huge success! The students were overwhelmed with joy when they got to see how they can personally make a difference in others’ lives no matter how far away or how old they may be.