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Davenport Students recognized in Quad-City Times “Salute to Academics and Achievements”

Students and families at North auditorium

Congratulations to all the Davenport students who were selected to be recognized in the Quad-City Times “Salute to Academics and Achievements.” Photo courtesy of Quad-City Times.

Central High:

Academics: Bibaswan Khadka and Olivia Tobin

The Arts: Audrey Moon and Jeremy Weinstein

Humanities: Angus Cornish and Andrew Thompson

Leadership: Maria Duran-Sanchez and Samuel Reynolds

Math/The Sciences: Martin Leyhe and John McAtee

Vocational Education: Anthony Johnson and Andrew Shie

Young Journalist: Isabelle Kern and Haley Simpson


North High:

Academics: Ashley DeWispelaere and Katherine Sturmer

The Arts: Haley Nicholson and Emma Saskowski

Humanities: Sabrina Duran and Zoe Purcell

Leadership: Coral Dillie and Kelsi Massengale

Math/The Sciences: John King and Tracy Tran

Vocational Education: Hector Galvan Carlos and Arif Saliu

Young Journalist: Hayley Keller and Dakotah McReynolds


West High:

Academics: Madison Cousins and Alexander Hunt

The Arts: Molly Kretschmer and Katie Melville

Humanities: Alyssa Vick and Beatriz Garnica

Leadership: Sophia Buckley and Whitney Martinez

Math/The Sciences: Pamela Friede and Abby Ratermann

Vocational Education: CJ Busch and Jacen Petersen

Young Journalist: Jordyn Driscoll and Hannah Jones